Brokerage Mastery

Our Brokerage Mastery guides dive into the nuances of each brokerage. We compare the best money market funds, ETFs, brokered CD rates, and investments to build a portfolio that earns the highest cash returns on the platform with maximum liquidity.

There are a variety of brokerages that an investor or saver can choose. While there are differences amongst the major brokerages, most of the core functionality remains the same.

However, one large difference is the investments offered and the cash management tools provided. For example, Fidelity offers fractional brokered CDs, which no other brokerage provides. Certain brokerages will also provide exclusive money market funds accessible only to their customers. Merrill Edge and Merrill Lynch offer all customers the ability to invest in institutional money market funds with no minimum investment (usually $1,000,000).

So far, Brokerage Mastery guides exist for:

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